The Sirius Advantage

Sirius is an employee owned company that is routed in entrepreneurship. In addition to ownership, Sirius employees have the opportunity to share in the rewards of the company through a profit sharing program. This helps build a unique culture of entrepreneurial drive and "doing what's best for the customer" attitude.

At Sirius we are recognized as the company leading the way with new products in the chemical injection and remote power sectors of the oil and gas industry. We do this by investing a significant part of our revenues back into research and development. Our team have the fun and exciting job of developing "Profitable Environmental Solutions" which make our industry stronger. The team employs lean thinking and 5S tools to constantly improve product and reduce costs, adding value to both our Customers and to Sirius.

Successful employees of Sirius are those with the highest levels of customer focus, a strong work ethic and love working within a team environment.

Send your resume to if you would like the opportunity to work with our team. "

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