Chemical injection pump,Chemical Pump

The STACK TM Multipoint Injection System is a highly cost-effective system of delivering chemical to multiple injection points using a single pump and controller.


  • Expandable from 2 to 15 points of injection. Points are easily added and removed in the field.
  • All calibration and adjustments are performed electronically with no need for mechanical adjustments or complex multi-head pump setups.
  • Pump speed varies between injection points depending on rates and cycle time required.
  • Each point calibrates individually using a single sight glass.
  • Each point can inject independent rates at varying pressures.
  • A single pressure transducer measures injection pressure at each individual point.
  • The Fusion controller interface is simple and easy to use. The controller has multipoint outputs built-in, eliminating the need for additional add-ons or third-party control hardware.
  • No elastomeric seals in the STACK, providing wide ranging chemical compatibility.
  • 2,500 psi differential pressure rating.
  • Low power consumption for solar powered installations.
  • Electrical Classification: GP, C1D2, OR C1D1

STACK Multipoint Injection System Explained

Chemical injection pump,Chemical Pump
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The Sirius pump speed varies between injection points depending on rates and cycle time
required, which provides equal chemical contact time between points.

The Sirius Fusion pump and controller are specifically designed for use in multipoint applications. A low injection volume per stroke minimizes the calibration errors typical of traditional pumps. The controller automatically adjusts the motor speed based on simple and intuitive user inputs such as number of active injection points, the desired rate and the desired cycle time. The result is that chemical is delivered much more uniformly, treatment is more effective, costs are reduced, and your assets are protected.
chemical injection system multipoint application

chemical injection system stack array

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