intelligent pump controller

The Connect is a wireless cellular communication and control solution that is fully and seamlessly integrated within the Sirius Fusion intelligent pump controller. The Connect can be used in place of or in conjunction with existing wellsite SCADA connections.

Connect provides operators and chemical management companies with real-time visibility of remote wellsite operations and provides the information and controls necessary to reduce downtime and frequency of site visits, increase chemical treatment efficiency and effectiveness, and increase safety of field personnel.

The Connect is available in three formats:

remote pump control
Pump Connect provides remote pump control and monitoring.

pump control
Tank Connect provides tank level monitoring in addition to pump control, a useful solution for those not requiring high accuracy or those simply monitoring tank levels to help them schedule tank refills.

chemical inventory management
InSightTM Connect is a smart sight glass device which provides continuous feedback control ensuring unrivaled accuracy in addition to flow verification and chemical inventory management. Insight's continuous flow measurement does not rely on inherently inaccurate tank level measurements to ensure the correct amount of chemical is injected into your critical process further reducing downtime and preventing over injection.

InSight Connect
InSight Connect
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