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C02 Emissions eliminated by Sirius's Customers using Sirius Solar Pumps and Emission Reducing Equipment




(removed from roads)

Environmental compliance made easy - and profitable!

Find out how operators are driving down their operating costs AND
claiming carbon credits with emissions-free pumps and intelligent controls.

GHG Reduction
Spill Containment
Reduced Footprint
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GHG Reduction

  • 35% of current methane emissions come from pneumatic pumps and instrumentation
  • Built-in flow totalizers for easy tracking
  • Low maintenance equipment and remote operation reduces operator time on site and emissions from vehicle mileage

Spill Containment

  • No pump packing to constantly adjust reduces chemical leakage and waste
  • Packaged systems are fully contained against leaks or spills
  • HardTopper reduces accumulation in containment and minimizes disposal costs

Reduced Footprint

  • Use multi-point injection to do more with less - while using a minimal footprint on site
  • Inject only as what is needed using closed-loop feedback control

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