CO2 Emissions eliminated by Sirius's Customers
using Sirius Solar Pumps and Emission Reducing Equipment




0 Cars per year

(removed from roads)

Our goal is to become your "trusted advisor" when it comes to chemical injection systems and chemical pumps. Sirius has built its reputation for being at the forefront of technology and providing our customers with solutions for their chemical injection systems, metering pumps and dosing pump applications. We understand that in order to do this we need to continually build your trust by engineering the right products and stand behind them! At Sirius, we believe strongly in the importance of a stringent quality control system, an innovative engineering department, and a Lean manufacturing group.

We listen to our customers and encourage feedback on how we can be better as a company and improve on our products, including:

Our products focus on reducing two of our customers major operating costs: 1) Manpower, and 2) Cost of chemical. This video provides an example of how we do that with our new Fusion chemical pump, solar chemical injection systems and advanced controls for chemical injection systems.

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